Hen Weekends

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Hen weekends in Oxford

Hen weekends in Oxford could offer some very pleasant surprises. Even though Oxford is better known for its University and brainy attendees, the number of students flocking to the pretty city has also resulted in the welcome addition of a number of pubs and clubs, making it a really great party destination.

Despite the historic cobbled streets potentially playing havoc with your heels, Oxford is well-suited to party people by its merit of being quite small, but we aren't talking parochial here, just compact.

Oxford is habituated by a nice mix of cultures (again thanks to the students) and so has lots of unusual, quirky bars and restaurants, some of which also offer REALLY cheap deals (God bless those students again!). Once you are done drinking there is also the lovely picturesque elements of the city to explore, from the river to the historical houses there is plenty to while away a pleasant few hours.


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