Hen Weekends

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Hen weekends go the Olympic way

In light of London's success securing the 2012 Olympic games, the country is set to become better known for its athletic prowess, both at the very highest level and for the average person.

The growing interest in extreme sports is evident already in the UK, with even Hen parties showing some athletic aptitude. Hen weekends in UK are not normally known for their health-giving properties, but a surge in the popularity of go karting, abseiling and white water rafting all indicate that Brits are moving away from their stereo-typical beer swilling, television watching antics.

If the 2012 Olympic Committee achieve their aim, the lasting legacy of building work for the games in London should help foster this new spirit of action and adventure, and keep Hen Parties occupied for many years to come!


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