Hen Weekends

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Hen ideas that end badly

Hen nights are often associated with notoriously drunken behaviour and unbelievably bad hangovers - so even though we know it will hurt, why do we always drink too much when out with the girls? It could be the excitement, maybe even nervous tension, and certainly always begins with the bottle (or two) of wine consumed when getting ready (because if you drink it in your own house it is 'civilised' and therefore not included in your actual drinks quota for the night).

Whatever the reasons (excuses) there is no doubt that the following morning (and most of the day) will be ugly. So why not spare yourself (and you liver, stomach, head and limbs) the heart-ache and try one of the other varieties of hen weekends in the UK available - i.e the ones that do not involve drinking until you fall over.

Eclipse Leisure has a massive range of hen and stag nights to stretch your imagination beyond the usual L'plates and handcuffs.


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