Hen Weekends

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Hen ideas from Elton provide food for thought

Elton John is famously getting wed today to his long-term partner David Furnish so, ever the traditionalist (?) he celebrated his 'hen' party last night in style at a trendy Soho club. With celebrities falling over each other for an invite, and many of them performing on stage for the happy couple, it was a hen party that few mere mortals would ever get to see.

Yet Elton chose to follow the traditional hen party rules that so many brides-to-be adopt; get dressed up your finest gear, get a load of your friends round, indulge in a few too many shandys and have a bit of a dance and a bit of a giggle.

Eclipse Leisure can organise your very own Elton-style hen party, even down to the cabaret act in the form of Adonis Cabaret. We can even indulge your diva-like impulses and arrange all your transport for you, so you don't even have to suffer the indignity of trying to flag a taxi in your killer heels!


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