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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Barcelona best for hen weekends

In the 30 years since Franco's dictatorship was abolished the transformation in Barcelona is extraordinary. And whilst the all-night parties and 'anything goes' atmosphere is a welcome reprieve from years of oppression and fear, there is concern that Barcelona is going too far.

The recent glut of hen and stag nights visiting the region have caused factions between the locals; there are those that love the tourist money, and those that hate the drunken yobs in the streets. Yet Barcelona will probably remain a hit hen party location; the abundance of cheap flight deals will ensure this, but Barcelona has a lot more to offer the adventurous hen than a load of bars.

With 10,00 restaurants, including several Michelin-starred venues, dozens of World-class galleries, not to mention almost-unrivalled shopping potential, Barcelona is much more than a big cheap nightclub.

So for a real taste of Barcelona, and some imaginative hen ideas, eclipse hen weekends can secure you a fantastic deal.


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