Hen Weekends

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Barcelona best for hen weekends

In the 30 years since Franco's dictatorship was abolished the transformation in Barcelona is extraordinary. And whilst the all-night parties and 'anything goes' atmosphere is a welcome reprieve from years of oppression and fear, there is concern that Barcelona is going too far.

The recent glut of hen and stag nights visiting the region have caused factions between the locals; there are those that love the tourist money, and those that hate the drunken yobs in the streets. Yet Barcelona will probably remain a hit hen party location; the abundance of cheap flight deals will ensure this, but Barcelona has a lot more to offer the adventurous hen than a load of bars.

With 10,00 restaurants, including several Michelin-starred venues, dozens of World-class galleries, not to mention almost-unrivalled shopping potential, Barcelona is much more than a big cheap nightclub.

So for a real taste of Barcelona, and some imaginative hen ideas, eclipse hen weekends can secure you a fantastic deal.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Hen ideas from Eclipse Leisure

For imaginative and inventive hen ideas why not try contacting Eclipse Leisure - as a party organiser Eclipse can offer great deals at unusual venues you may not have previously considered. From hen nights in Manchester to quad biking Brighton, eclipse hen weekends are ones to remember.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Hen ideas to avoid the clanger

Look around any city centre on a Saturday night and you are likely to see a hen party on the prowl. Probably wearing wings/feather boas/matching pre-printed t-shirts, likely to be shouting and staggering, and definitley more than a little worse for wear, hen parties have become less of a defiant expression of independent women out to have a good time, and more of an annoyance; or at worse an absolutely terrifying destroyer of a good night out.

So how does a hen celebrate in style? Pampering weekends are always a good option, despite waxing and waning in popularity you can never go far wrong with a jacuzzi and a couple of bottles of Chablis, but if it is somehting a little more adventurous that floats your boat then why not contact a proper party organiser?

Eclipse Leisure are specialists in hen and stag nights and can offer great ideas, as well as huge discounts - offering everything from hen weekends in Dublin to quad biking Brighton-style, there will be something for the most traditional or adventurous of hens!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Hens fly the coop

Hen weekends are becoming increasingly adventurous occasions with more brides opting for a hen party abroad. In direct response to this demand BMI Baby has expanded its flights to popular hen party hotspots such as Glasgow and Amsterdam. Already flying out of Cardiff airport, any Welsh hens out there no longer need make do with the limited excitements of a Cardiff hen night, the world is now your party oyster!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Shopping heaven for hen party nirvana

Ever wanted to shop for fabulous clothes by fabulous designers in a fabulous city? Ever thought how brilliant it would be go shopping without your whining boyfriend dragging himself after you all day? Ever POSSIBLY imagined that all of this could be achieved in one amazing weekend and that everything, that's EVERYthing you buy will be at discount prices?

Well dream no more ladies - the Florence outlet centre designer shopping experience weekend has landed! For a hen weekend with a difference why not grab a group of your lady friends, fly out to Florence where you will picked up from the airport, taken to all the best outlet centres and then brought back to your hotel when your credit card gives up the ghost - now THAT'S worth getting married for!

Friday, November 04, 2005

Last chance adrenalin rush on a hen party

Nothing gets the pulse racing quite like a little bit of danger, and what better time to indulge in some high-risk strategies than your hen weekend?

Before you get the wrong idea, we are not talking secrets liasons here, but the more wholesome heart-racing pursuits of speedboat safaris. Indulge in a fast-paced, super-charged powerboat ride where, with no men present, you are free to scream to your heart's content.

Set in the beautiful surroundings of Dublin you are well situated for a restorative drink or two to calm your nerves once the ride is over, before heading for a night in the tiles in the surrounding swanky bars and clubs.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Are you binge drinking without knowing it?

Reports how that a whopping eleven million of adults binge drink on a regular basis without even knowing it. Obviously hen parties could be one of those occasions where you are most at risk from binge drinking, with or without being aware of it.

If you are conscious of keeping of the pounds before your big day, a hen party out on the tiles is probably the worst thing you could do, what with the empty calories from alcohol, the chips in the taxi on the way home and the compulsory carb-fest the day after, you would be best postponing that dress fitting.

So why not try a different kind of hen party altogether? Eclipse Leisure offer a range of high-octane fun events that won't damage your waistline, or your liver. From paintballing to quad biking, there are some great ways to get away with the girls without suffering for it the next morning.