Hen Weekends

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Hen party without party feet

The majority of women (bar the truly battle-hardened) will be familiar with the old struggle of beautiful shoes vs. cripplingly sore feet, and whilst every now and then party shoes can be forsaken for the sake of comfort, your hen party is no time to be scrimping on the heels and straps.

But nor is it the time to be distracted by sore feet and possibly even driven off the dance floor by the pain.... so fortunately corporate event planning company Eclipse Leisure has come up with a solution. The Celebration Bus is custom built to transport you in style from venue to venue, giving you the opportunity to rest your feet in preparation for the next dance floor! Plus you can dance away safe in the knowledge that you will not have to endure a 20mins walk for a taxi at the end of the night!


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